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Industrial & Manufacturing

We understand the importance of keeping the line running. An Automated Logic system designed and installed by Control Logic can integrate and optimize the heating, lighting, and process systems. Our team of experts is dedicated to customizing a solution responsive to the unique business challenges of our industrial customers.

  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences- WebCTRL for Life Sciences facilities rigorously complies with all technical and procedural reporting requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Historical Trending- WebCTRL’s high speed architecture and distributed trending, physical parameters, temperatures, humidity, dewpoint, cfm, and pressure etc... can be historically trended and securely stored. In addition, all environmental data, current and historic, can be shown in tabular format or graphically displayed with a mouse click.
  • Audit Trail- WebCTRL tracks and documents all actions. Any attempted change to the system prompts user verification, including the electronic recording of “reason why?” in a secure audit log. To verify activity, system administrators can easily query the system’s database by operator, location, or date.

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