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Control Logic of Michigan can bring your facilites into the 21st century by precisely monitoring and controlling your everyday building operations.

We can build the controls system you only imagined was possible, a system to make your building more efficient and improve employee comfort levels. No one at the office? The “thermostat police” on vacation? No problem.

Program your system to lower and raise the temperature based on the season, business hours, operation requirements, room, and team preferences. Then monitor it remotely from a computer, tablet, or any other mobile device.

From any web browser, you can have the power to securely administer important facility functions, like:

  • Assign a range of temperatures (e.g. 71-74) to avoid a constant on/off loop of the HVAC system saving energy and money
  • Set different areas to different temperatures based on occupancy, location, operational needs, and preferences
  • Plan for productivity. If your team arrives at 8 a.m., the system will prepare ahead of time for their arrival to make sure the space is the right temperature and humidity when they arrive.
  • Trim & Respond Static Control and Trim & Respond Supply Temp Control- efficiency is key
  • Request to Run- if zone becomes occupied, it can be managed
  • Occupancy Schedule- zone specificity based on schedule

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